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Consider Personalized Employee Training Plans to Close the Skills Gap

"In yesterday’s Advisor, guest columnist Bridget Miller discusses ways that employers can close the skills gap. Today, she reports on the trend toward creating personalized training plans for each employee."

Did you know that many organizations are opting to create training programs for employees that are more personalized rather than generic or role-based? These training plans take into account not only the role the individual is training for but also the individual’s future goals and any gaps in that person’s skill set.


Should You Provide More Training to Close the Skills Gap?

"In today’s Advisor, guest columnist Bridget Miller discusses the struggles employers are facing to overcome the skills gap between what current and/or prospective employees have and the skills needed for the job. Is more employer-provided training the best or only answer?"

In recent years, many employers have found that, regardless of the unemployment rate, they’re not always able to fill vacant positions with qualified candidates. The problem? The applicants don’t always have the skill set the employer is looking for.


Warm Up Your Training This Winter

"It’s been a cold winter this year, so today’s Advisor provides critical information for a brief training on using space heaters safely."

Space heaters are a quick way to heat things up in a drafty office or workspace, but they can increase the risks of fire and electric shock if not used properly. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) does not specifically prohibit use of portable electric heaters, but the safety agency does require that any electrical equipment be used according to the manufacturer’s specifications.


Use These Budget-Friendly Resources to Get the Biggest Return on Your Training Bucks

"In yesterday’s Advisor, we received some proven training best practices from successful safety practitioners in the field. Today, we provide several budget-friendly training resources that you can tap into."

To recap: Safety training is one of those areas where shaving service or quality can have a seriously negative impact. For one thing, training your workers is your duty under the law. What’s more, not keeping up with a regular safety training schedule exposes your employees to risk without giving them the tools they need to identify and avoid it. Then there’s the cost of an accident.


Are You Getting the Biggest Return for Your Training Bucks?

"In today’s Advisor, we get advice from one successful safety practitioner who shares his best practices on how to add value to your training program without compromising quality."

Safety training is one of those areas where shaving service or quality can have a seriously negative impact. For one thing, training your workers is your duty under the law. And whether you’re regulated by OSHA, MSHA, DOT, EPA, or state and local entities, the results of noncompliance can be significant.