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Training is an ongoing need in every company and it’s a major responsibility! An effective training program is responsible for avoiding staggering expenses and injured workers, while also motivating and training your workforce to be the best in the industry - and that will have positive effects on every department in your company. For a limited time, you can get help developing a successful program with this FREE report, 7 Strategies for Effective Training!

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Train Employees to Prepare For and Drive Safely in Winter Weather

"In yesterday's Advisor, we shared alarming statistics regarding vehicle crashes along with safe driving training basics. Today, we get expert advice from BLR® Legal Editor, Ana Ellington, on preparing for and driving in winter weather."


The past few winters have been daunting for those of us who commute to work, especially in the Northeast and other parts of the country that have experienced significant rain-, wind-, and snow- storms. It is late fall, and winter is just around the corner, so we need to prepare.


Are You Training Your Workers to Avoid the Leading Cause of Employee Fatality?

"Today's Advisor gives you valuable training information to help your employees avoid always costly and too-often deadly vehicle crashes."


The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says more than 2.5 million people went to emergency departments, and about 200,000 were hospitalized due to vehicle crashes in 2012. Indeed, crashes remain the leading cause of employee fatality. What can you do to reverse this trend? Start with training on essential information.


Load up on Loading Dock Safety Training for the Holidays

"In Wednesday's Advisor (the Advisor hopes you had a Happy Thanksgiving!), we gave valuable safety training information for loading dock employees. Today, we provide more training basics on several more loading dock hazards."


It’s the most wonderful time of the year … for retailers and all of the other companies that feed into the holiday retail frenzy. This means that while the cash registers are buzzing in the front, the loading docks are buzzing in the back as well as at countless suppliers.


Are You Loading Up on Loading Dock Safety Training for the Holidays?

"Today's (and Friday's) Advisors provide timely training content for loading dock safety during the busy holiday season."


Although holiday shopping seems to start earlier and earlier each year, the “official” start of the holiday shopping season is still the day after Thanksgiving. If your organization involves shipping services and is affected by the busy holiday season, this is a good time for loading dock safety training. Your training may be:


Train Managers and Supervisors to Watch Their Words

"In yesterday's Advisor, we detailed an employee lawsuit involving inappropriate comments by a manager. Today, we learn what the court said and what can be learned from this case about the importance of training managers and supervisors to avoid such a lawsuit in your organization."


To repeat from yesterday: Isolated remarks related to an employee’s national origin may not be enough to support a claim of discrimination, but they can lead to costly lawsuits. During training, be sure that managers and supervisors understand the negative consequences of making “politically incorrect” comments.