Big Data: HR Must Ask the Right Questions

In yesterday’s Advisor, guest columnist Kate McGovern Tornone discussed how improperly trained HR professionals could be buying a lawsuit with big data. Today, Tornone goes over the key risks surrounding the issue and questions HR needs to ask.

Buying a Lawsuit with Big Data

Employers are increasingly turning to analytics to aid in recruiting, hiring, and more. But with the federal government eyeing “big data” as a potential area needing nondiscrimination enforcement, experts say HR must ask the right questions before buying any products or services.

Programs Help Veterans Transition into the Civilian Workforce

Many private sector employers value military skills and training. But service members and veterans are getting an even bigger edge in the recruitment process with training programs that facilitate their transition to careers as civilians.

Quick Exercise: How Are Your Training Delivery Skills?

Every trainer would like to know whether he or she is delivering the best learning experience possible. Today we’re taking a look at a few things to consider.

Promoting Learning with the Best PowerPoint® Slides Possible

It’s a frequent question in the training field: How can trainers improve their PowerPoint® slides to promote learning? An expert shares his thoughts in today’s Advisor.

Another Case Demonstrates Need for Appropriate Training

A warehouse maintenance worker who suffers from migraine headaches filed a suit against his former employer saying, among other things, that his supervisor retaliated against him for taking medical leave. The alleged retaliation included being denied certain refresher safety training.

Coaching Impacts Wellness Programs

Many wellness programs now incorporate technology to appeal to tech-savvy employees, but the human element is still a critical component in the success of wellness programs, according to recent studies.

What Is Civility Training, and How Can It Help Your Organization?

By Bridget Miller We have reported on civility training in a previous issue of the Advisor, but what really is civility training, and how can it be used to benefit your company? We have some thoughts on the matter from guest columnist Bridget Miller.

New Data: The Ultimate Proof of Leadership Development Success?

Yesterday’s Advisor shared some results from PROOF, a report on the effectiveness of leadership development programs from Development Dimensions International’s (DDI). Today, we present more results from this wide-ranging study.

Need Evidence of Leadership Program Success? Here’s 42 Years’ Worth

Some businesses may think that their leadership development programs are unnecessary. However, a new, wide-ranging study is claiming that leadership training is essential—and it’s hard to argue with the 42 years’ worth of data it presents.