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Good training is the first step to building loyal relationships with your customers, and providing a better working environment for your employees. These articles discuss how to train your customer service team to provide world class service.

Flipping Customer Experiences: 10 Training Tips

In today’s Advisor, a customer service expert provides 10 tips on how training can be used to help your employees turn negative customer experiences into positive ones.

Giving Coworkers Great Customer Service

Yesterday’s Advisor made the case for customer service training by describing how one company experienced great growth by focusing on customer service. Today we take a look at training employees to give their coworkers great service.

The Payoff of Prioritizing Customer Service Training

In today’s Advisor we’ll see how one company made customer service a priority—in part through service education and training—and experienced a great increase in sales as a result.

Don’t Be Pushy! More Sales Training Tips

By Maura Schreier-Fleming In yesterday’s Advisor, sales consultant Maura Schreier-Fleming reviewed four common sales mistakes and how to use proper training to avoid them. Today Schreier-Fleming discusses three more preventable sales mistakes.

Your Sales Training Must Address These Mistakes

By Maura Schreier-Fleming Proper training is the best way to help your sales team be successful, and a well-trained representative can avoid making common mistakes. Sales consultant Maura Schreier-Fleming outlines a few of these mistakes and how to avoid them.

Prospecting—The Missing Link in Your Sales Training

Training sales staff has many aspects and challenges, from new technologies to closing strategies to managing numerous accounts. According to one sales training expert, many employers overlook an important part of the sales cycle in their training of sales professionals: prospecting.

Seven-Figure Sales Reps—Final Best Practices

On Wednesday and Thursday, sales guru Joseph DiMisa looked at what organizations can do to help their reps push closer to the million-dollar threshold. To wrap up the week, Dimisa presents some final best practices of seven-figure sales reps. Once an organization has reps with the right competencies and has “decontaminated” their time, the next step is to communicate the best practices of seven-figure earners and encourage their reps to adopt these practices. Although the details will vary from organization to organization and even from rep to rep, in Sibson’s experience, organizations should encourage their reps to employ the following practices:

The Top 10 Time-Wasters Keeping Your Sales Reps from the Million-Dollar Mark

In yesterday's Advisor, sales expert Joseph DiMisa outlined how to determine the right competencies for million-dollar sales reps; today, DiMisa shares tips on how to keep your reps spending their time productively as they strive for the seven-figure mark. With over 20 years of experience working in all aspects of sales, DiMisa is Sibson’s Sales Force Effectiveness Practice Leader, working with leading companies to develop and implement sales strategies and sales effectiveness programs that drive profitable growth.

Build Million-Dollar Sales Reps

Million-dollar sales reps are rare—but they do exist, and your organization can strive for such success. We have tips from Sibson’s Sales Force Effectiveness Practice Leader Joseph DiMisa on how to get your sales team on the path to high earnings. Fewer than 3% of product sales reps make more than $500,000 a year. Push the earnings up to the seven-figure benchmark, and that number drops to less than .001%. What does it take to be a million-dollar earner? Knocking on more doors, calling on more clients, and being smarter than the competition are all key.

10 Training Tips to Turn Negative Customer Experiences into Positive Ones

In today’s Advisor, we hear from a customer service expert on how training helps customer service representatives turn negative experiences into positive ones.
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