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How can you improve leadership skills? How about team building? Organizing and Planning for Success? Inspire leadership and develop professional skills with these powerful resource tools.

New Data: The Ultimate Proof of Leadership Development Success?

Yesterday’s Advisor shared some results from PROOF, a report on the effectiveness of leadership development programs from Development Dimensions International’s (DDI). Today, we present more results from this wide-ranging study.

Need Evidence of Leadership Program Success? Here’s 42 Years’ Worth

Some businesses may think that their leadership development programs are unnecessary. However, a new, wide-ranging study is claiming that leadership training is essential—and it’s hard to argue with the 42 years’ worth of data it presents.

There’s Room for Improvement with Leadership Development

Every company agrees that well-prepared leaders are essential for business success, but how satisfied are you with the success of your leadership development efforts? If you are like most participants in a recent survey, you probably see a need for improvement.

Balancing Power and Leadership

In yesterday’s Advisor, we defined leadership with the help of great sayings by historical leaders. Today we’ll discuss leadership and power, how they relate, and how you can balance them.

Thoughts on Leadership from History

Successful supervisors and managers don’t boss their employees around—they lead them. However, not everyone has the same definition of effective leadership. In today’s Advisor, we will try to define “leadership”—with the help of some historical figures.

Building Proactive Managers with Training

Yesterday’s Advisor presented employment lawyer Jathan Janove’s insight that management is like skiing—it’s important to lean forward, not back. Today we present some concrete tips from Janove for training proactive managers.

What Do Management and Skiing Have in Common?

One of the most common—and most harmful—fault of managers and supervisors is avoidance. In today’s Advisor, a business author explains how this is comparable to skiing while leaning back instead of forward and what this metaphor means for training your managers.

Are Your Leaders Taking Charge in the ‘Digital Disruption’ Era?

The digital revolution has already changed the face of business, and it’s only going to continue to do so. Is your leadership team ready to take charge? Here are 5 ways that you can prepare leaders to be effective in the age of digital disruption.

Want Visionary Leaders? Traditional Development Isn’t Enough

Every organization wants to fill its ranks with the best leaders possible in order to stay competitive. However, recent research suggests that formal leadership training—by itself—is not sufficient to equip business leaders with the skills they need to be successful.

Is Your Ethics and Compliance Training Reaching the Right People?

According to a recent survey, many organizations are falling short when it comes to training executives and board members on ethics and compliance issues. This is a huge oversight, as these are possibly the people in your company who need this training the most! Is your company overlooking these key stakeholders?
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