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Make the Commitment to Continuing Employee Education (Part 2)

By Kristin Pine Yesterday’s Advisor presented the beginning of an article by Kristin Pine, the director of Training & Education for Peabody Properties, Inc., on committing to continuing employee education. Today we present the conclusion of her article.

Make the Commitment to Continuing Employee Education

By Kristin Pine In today’s and tomorrow’s Advisor, we present an article on committing to continuing employee education by Kristin Pine, the director of Training & Education for Peabody Properties, Inc.

Quick Tip: 5 Questions to Ask When Planning Your Training

There is a myriad of training techniques available. With so many options, some trainers struggle when deciding which techniques to use, when to use them, and what combination would be most effective to help employees learn and retain information. We’ve compiled 5 simple questions that can help make the choice easier.

Microlearning Mistakes for Trainers to Avoid

Microlearning is a hot topic in training today, but like all methods, it can be misused. So, what are some mistakes that trainers make when deploying microlearning? We get the answers from Stephen J. Meyer, president and CEO of Rapid Learning® Institute (

Mentor Sued for Sexual Harassment Blames Lack of Training for His Behavior

In a recent court case, a male scientist allegedly expressed his interest in having a sexual relationship with a female graduate student on numerous occasions while mentoring her on remote research excursions deep in the woods of Alaska. The student later sued him and the university where she was pursuing a doctorate degree, alleging hostile work environment. The mentor’s excuse? He didn’t receive sexual harassment training.

Make Your Classroom Space Work—Both for You and Your Trainees

Do you think that a training space can impact the effectiveness of classroom-based training? Guila Muir, who is principal of Guila Muir and Associates, thinks so, and today she offers three tips to help ensure that your training space works for you, not against you.

The Three Reasons Why Coaching Works

By Sara Guerreiro Coaching is an important part of workforce training—but why, exactly? We’ll find out in today’s Advisor from guest columnist Sara Guerreiro, a consultant with The KonTerra Group.

Quick Training News: Final Rule Released on Apprenticeship Programs

Sponsors of apprenticeship programs that are registered with the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) or a State Apprenticeship Agency (SAA) need to be aware of a final rule updating equal employment opportunity (EEO) requirements.

How Microlearning Can Help with Soft Skills Training

What is microlearning, and how can it help with your training initiatives? Stephen J. Meyer, the president and CEO of Rapid Learning® Institute (, defines microlearning as “bite-size single-concept learning for today’s short-attention-span workforce.” Read on for Meyer’s thoughts on how microlearning can help with soft skills training.

Were Training Opportunities Derailed on the Basis of Race?

An African-American railroad worker alleged that he was denied overtime and certain training due to race discrimination, and his employer denied the allegations. Read on to see what happened, how the court ruled, and the training takeaway for employers.
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