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Teaching the Teachers: Safety and HR Training for Educators

Safety and HR Training for Teachers

In this special report, we address the training needs of educational facilities divided into two sections: Safety and HR. Through articles and case studies, you’ll find helpful information from fellow educators and administrators on how they handle safety and HR needs within their organizations.


Training Guidance on 21 Key HR Topics

HR Training Topics

From 401(k)s, to FMLA , to sexual harassment, this report covers it all. Download today and get access to guidance on 21 key HR training topics.


Sales Training: 7 Best Practices and 3 Case Studies

Sales Training Report

Training is key to a successful salesforce. These training areas include orientation, specific skills, management practices, travel expenses, safety issues on the road, and even wellness issues that may be specific to salespeople. In this special report, we give you several best practices for these topics, plus 3 case studies of successful companies.


Training and Development: Best Practices in Preparing Your Workforce for Success


Employees are valuing career development more than ever—it’s a sign that the company is willing to invest in their future. How are businesses approaching train­ing today? What are their pain points, and what topics are being addressed in training? Are certain resources recommended? This report answers these questions and more, pulling in highlights from our recent Training and Development Survey.


Mobile Learning: What You Need to Know

Mobile learning, also known as mLearning, is becoming much more common in the workplace as the workplace—and the work itself—becomes more mobile. This special report offers an overview of the current makeup of the workforce and its increasing technical savvy and predicts future trends.

You’ll also learn about a range of topics, including gamification, security issues, safety issues, new hire orientation, and more.


51 Tips for More Effective Leadership Training

Effective leadership is easier said than done. Download this free report and get 112 pages of expert advice on bettering your training program in 2015. The advice is broken down into three easy-to-digest sections:

Section 1 – Employee Leadership Training: Tips include avoiding common training mistakes, mentoring youth, community service, succession training, and more.


Building The Best Training Program: Your One-Stop Learning Resource

This exclusive white paper will show you how to create—and run—an effective learning program that motivates and trains your workforce to be the best in your industry. This guide is a one-stop training resource. Use it to help you become a trainer who makes learning an engaging and enjoyable experience for your trainees. Employees will look forward to learning new skills and reinforcing old ones, and managers will look forward to the increased profits that your well-trained workforce will produce.


OSHA Construction Training Requirements

This exclusive white paper includes workplace safety requirements on operational topics such as: general safety and health provisions; occupational health and environmental controls; personal protection and life saving equipment; fall protection; cranes, derricks, hoists, elevators, and conveyors; motor vehicles, mechanical equipment, and marine operations; blasting and use of explosives; power transmission and distribution; stairways and ladders; toxic and hazardous substances; and more.


Teaching OSHA Requirements to a Diverse Workforce

This practical safety training white paper will help you plan your safety meetings to meet OSHA training requirements. Get the pros and cons of different meetings types and different safety training formats. Learn how to customize your safety training for different audiences for the best results.

Learn how to use formal and informal meetings, audiovisual presentations, hands-on practice, demonstrations and professionally prepared training tools such as online safety training modules to get the best results from your safety training program.


Make Wellness Work for Your Workplace

In this age of skyrocketing healthcare costs and the progressively deteriorating health of the average America citizen, there are similarly ample reasons and proof that an effective workplace wellness program will result in a healthy return. This exclusive whitepaper will provide you with information and tips on how to build a wellness program that not only with help reduce your healthcare costs, but also improve the productivity and morale of your workplace.

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