Need Evidence of Leadership Program Success? Here’s 42 Years’ Worth

Some businesses may think that their leadership development programs are unnecessary. However, a new, wide-ranging study is claiming that leadership training is essential—and it’s hard to argue with the 42 years’ worth of data it presents.

In Training, One Size Does NOT Fit All

By Theresa Damato In training, one size doesn’t fit all. With thoughts on this issue and how companies can address it in order to best train their workforces, we present an article by Theresa Damato, vice president of Worldwide Marketing for Saba Software.

There’s Room for Improvement with Leadership Development

Every company agrees that well-prepared leaders are essential for business success, but how satisfied are you with the success of your leadership development efforts? If you are like most participants in a recent survey, you probably see a need for improvement.

Training ROI: Investing in Training

Complimentary Webinar: Training ROI: Investing in Training Date: Thursday, February 09, 2017 Time: 02:00 PM Eastern Standard Time

More from ATD 2016: Measuring Your Training ROI

In yesterday’s Advisor, we presented thoughts on bite-sized learning from a session at the annual Association for Talent Development (ATD) Conference and Exposition held recently in Denver, Colorado. Today, another ATD speaker has advice for determining the return on investment (ROI) of training programs.

HR Is Now a Strategic Partner. Are You Ready to Deliver?

by Linda Itskovitz HR isn’t just about administration, compliance, and onboarding anymore. Between training, metrics, and employee engagement, the field has evolved into a strategic business role within the organization. Linda Itskovitz, vice president of marketing for GuideSpark, has tips for delivering strategic HR.

Prove the Value of Your Training Investment with ROI

In yesterday’s Advisor, we gave you 10 reasons that training is a good investment to help you make the business case for training. Today, we show you how to prove the value of your training with return on investment (ROI) analysis.

Can You Make the Business Case for Training?

Today’s Advisor gives you a wealth of valuable information and research to make your case to top management, including 10 good reasons training is a sound investment and 5 ways you can increase the return on your training investment even more.

Train Staff to Follow These 3 Steps to Measure the Impact of Your Coaching Program

"In yesterday's Advisor, we provided an outline for a training session on coaching. Today, we hear from Anton Franckeiss, PhD, of Acuity Global Development in an article that first appeared on, about how to measure the impact of your coaching program."

  Human resources professionals are under ever-increasing pressure to achieve measurable results and return on investment (ROI) from coaching assignments. However, research* suggests that less than 40 percent of organizations review coaching assignments once completed, leaving them with no clear idea of what has been achieved.

Train Your Leaders on 5 More Leadership Skills

"In yesterday's Advisor, we went over the first 5 leadership skills. Today, we cover the last 5 leadership skills, and we showcase a concise, ready-to-use resource that will help you train on key employment topics in only 10 minutes."

In an article that first appeared on, guest columnist Elizabeth Dukes from writes that while the top leaders’ instincts are much of what helped them rise to the top, many of their most valuable tools are learned skills. If you are looking to advance into a top leadership position, here are 5 more things you must learn to do habitually and every day:
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